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The 7 Sins of Business Building

The whole order of nature evinces a progressive march towards a higher life.

~ Helena Blavatsky

There is a lot of noise ‘out there’ about what to do, when to do it and how to do.  It can be confusing and overwhelming at best.  At worst, at least in my experience and those of whom I work with, it leads to comparison and competition which results in imposter syndrome and procrastination, the worst outcome for healers and helpers who have so much to share.

Here is my list of what to look out for, what to avoid and what to do instead.


Choosing a niche before working with real people? Building a website before you have steady sales? Creating partnerships too soon.

Just like you shouldn’t prune a sapling, there are best times to do things in a business.

  1.  First, Discover your ideal target market by working with as many people as you can.  Ask them what they want.  Listen for what they need. And deliver that.  And remember, your target market is for marketing purposes – you don’t need it to start doing the work that you want to do.
  2. Co-create your offer with the people that you serve.  Ask what they want.  Be honest if you can deliver what they need and skilled enough to adapt your  service to what they need.
  3. And only then, start to Expand your reach and connections when you have a program that you know sells.


Stuck with one, same-as-everyone-else program?

Maybe you’re not seeking or seeing STICKY possibilities with the clients that you are working with.

Sticky means specific, searched-for, significant solutions. Ask: “Who else can I serve?”, “How else can I help?”, “How else can I offer a full path to the destination my clients want to get to?”


Stuck in the rut of getting everything perfect before you start sharing?

Trying to be perfect causes painful procrastination and stalling movement. Not to mention self-doubt and overwhelm.

My motto to get out of the self-imposed prison is “professional, not perfect”.


Building your social media presence or growing your online following doesn’t grow your income. Neither does creating a program in isolation

Creating your program in isolation, sitting at your desk, thinking you know what your clients want and then trying to sell it or launch it before it is validated usually results in a disappointment.

Listen to your people, co-create, and custom-build your offer one-on-one, alongside them to test in the fire of client feedback, and validation.


Using vague language or modality jargon to craft your offer? Talking about what you do and how you do it?

We have 2 seconds to tell a client WHY they should work with us. They want to hear the BENEFITS, not the methods.

Answer their most important questions first – What is the problem they want solved? Where do they want to be after working with me? What will be different when they’re done? 


Bragging your credentials and experience? 

Qualifications don’t cut it anymore.  In today’s fake online world, clients want credible proof, from real people, that you can take them to their dream destination and create real solutions. 

Stop giving away free sessions. Ask for a referral, detailed written testimonial and Google/Facebook review in exchange for your service.


Spending time with the busy-work of finding clients and confirming clients and following up with clients?

There are smart and efficient ways online systems when you have an offer that sells.

Free up our time to do the meaningful work you love.  Think virtual assistant, email clients, and online calendars to ease the overwhelm.

Adapted with permission from www.innerlifeskills.com

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