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Happy clients build your practice

And happy clients are those who feel seen, heard, and understood

Here you’ll learn the soft skills to hold space and help your clients heal, change and grow – and the hard skills you need to build an authentic business as a healing arts practitioner.

How to build your business by listening to your clients

(and delivering exactly what they need)

(aka. This is where you create your signature service and start making actual sales)

You know there has to be another way to build a healing arts practice.  You have a niggle that all the things you’re being told to do to build your business aren’t right, or don’t feel right, for a healing arts practitioner.  You also know that it shouldn’t be so hard to have a healing arts practice in such a troubled world where everyone can benefit from your therapy, especially when so many people are already doing it. You need to co-create your offer with your clients, prove the viability of the offer and have cash-in-your pocket before you spend time and money on marketing yourself as your modality.

Start making steady sales with Start-Up

  • 12 hours of Customized 1:1 training and coaching (weekly for 1.5 hours, over 4-8 weeks at a time that suits you)
  • $1550 (yes, a payment plan is available)

How to listen so your clients will speak and speak so your clients will listen

(aka. How to be the catalyst your clients need to finally make the changes to heal)

Deepen your Impact with Skill Up

  • Weekly, curriculum-based 1:1 training and coaching for 1.5 hours over 8-10 weeks
  • $1000 (and yes, a payment plan is available)

You love the work that you do and you know it can help everyone and yet your clients aren’t having the breakthroughs that you know are possible.  You believe in your modality and yourself and see your work as a calling to help heal your community. You just need to find a way to get through to them more effectively.

How to grow your practice by listening to your inner wisdom to work smarter not harder

(so you don’t crash and burn)

You’ve been in business for a while and things are going well. You have a proven product/service and are ready to share it with more people but don’t want to spend more time marketing on social media than helping your clients. Or you’re doing okay but your dreams are bigger than your energy and you can’t sustain your current money-for-time business model. In this program, you will learn to take your proven service to market and grow the business systems that help you connect with your ideal clients in a way that feels natural to you.

Expand your reach (both online and offline) with Scale Up

  • 15 hours of Customized 1:1 training and coaching (5 x 3 hours or 10 x 1.5 hours, over 6-12 weeks at a time that suits you)
  • $1935 (yes, a payment plan is available)

Got Questions?

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Every month, I share unique business-building and client-connecting stories and ideas that you can implement on your way to becoming the go-to practitioner in your field.  And occasionally, I will let you know if I am working on something that might be of interest to you.