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Listen to Your Inner Wisdom

Grow your business by working smarter, not harder


Listen to share, systematize and collaborate and avoid your crash and burn

Your healing arts business is working well, and you have big dreams of expanding your reach, in between consistently posting on social. 

You’re approaching the burnout phase of solopreneurship and you want to find another way to connect with more people, without cheesy marketing tactics.

You need to take action with simple business systems and a business growth strategy that feels authentic to you and doesn’t require you to spend more time planning.  It’s time to take action!

Consistently creating content isn’t what you planned on doing when you became a therapist. Neither is spamming inboxes with special deals (especially when you’re encouraged to increase your pricing so a sale looks like a good deal). It’s draining to curate social posts just right so the algorithm can share your posts and it just doesn’t feel right to …

Maybe it’s time to listen to your intuitive response that says this way just isn’t for me.

You can do work that you absolutely love with people you absolutely adore without driving yourself into the ground (and resenting the work that you do)

Hi, I’m Staci, an ICF-certified InnerLifeSkills Master Coach Trainer with almost 20 years of experience, and have been working as a bodyworker for 8 years and counting.  I am here to show you that it is possible to build a thriving business ethically, authentically, and without burning yourself out. I have built a running-coach business, a coaching practice, and an in-person Kahuna Massage studio just on just referrals.  In fact, a number of my colleagues have built internationally successful, corporate coaching careers without even a website.

That’s not to say it isn’t nice to have other avenues of marketing, but it is a huge relief (and a time saver) not to have to rely on consistently creating social media content. 

I teach healing arts practitioners like you to create ethical marketing systems, so you have the freedom to do the work that matters.

There is so much noise “out there” telling you what to do and how to do, where to do it, and for whom to do it – But what are you to do?! And when are you to do it? 

Scaling a business is different from starting a business. In the beginning, it’s okay to give free or heavily discounted sessions to friends and family. It’s okay to rely on your modality for marketing.  But that only gets you so far before you feel drained. 

And for healing arts practitioners, coaches, therapists, and consultants it is different still when there comes a limit to the time-for-money model.

Building a website is not the answer either – it is rarely a case of “build it and they will find you”.  And it’s exhausting to build a following on social media platforms that rarely convert to actual clients.

And let’s not get started on all the crass marketing tactics that just don’t feel right.

A website and social media presence are often more of a credibility builder than a marketing strategy.

What you want is a natural way to master marketing systems that don’t suck up your time and drain your energy.

  • Attract clients with an on or offline lead magnet to build your database (the only list you own and isn’t at the mercy of a random algorithm).
  • Convert with a sales page or presentation that engages your potential clients in a structured sticky conversation.
  • Share on a social stage, get your brand out there, and share your message with a wider audience to increase your visibility.
  • And a natural way to collaborate with partners, and create a win-win joint venture with others who serve the same market but are not in competition.

And to do it that feels natural and authentic. By bringing all of who you are – your unique experience, interest, and knowledge to how you build your practice following a trusted and proven method.

Is this what you need in your business right now? Let’s check.


    • You’re overwhelmed by so much online noise/ conflicting advice telling you what to do/ how to build a practice that you’re stuck in the procrastination prison
    • You’re busy with “busy work” (creating the 90-day content planner and even scheduling your posts for the next 30 days), but you know it isn’t the real work
    • You’ve done all the ‘icky’ marketing tricks that you’re told to do, and your actual client list still isn’t growing


    • You’ve been in business for a while and things are going well but you realize your time-for-money model isn’t going to scale.
    • You have a proven product/service and are ready to share it with more people but you don’t have the systems that allow you to work smarter, not harder
    • You have big, new projects ideas to share with your audience but you keep planning and not acting

    Then you don’t need to trawl the web for the on-trend, generic business building course, or the latest social media marketing course or burn yourself doing the work that doesn’t actually bring tangible results. 

    In this customized coaching program, you will follow a proven step-by-step method to take your proven service to market and grow the business systems that help you connect with your ideal clients in a way that feels natural to you with support and accountability all the way.

    What we’ll do together

    • Create an offline or online lead magnet (Small Scale Sticky talks, workshops, demonstrations or PDF infographics, checklists, reports, guides, videos, emails.
    • Create an online sales page or offline presentation that engages your potential clients in a structured sticky conversation (slide deck, proposal, printed brochure, sales page, small website, social media presence)
    • Create a stage presence with offline sticky talks to groups/events/forums, schools, NPOs, organization events, memberships, trade fairs, radio, tv, magazines, markets, and stores or online podcasts, interviews, webinars, forums, groups, live socials, panels, video on demand, guest blogging and content sharing.
    • Co-create win-win joint ventures with partner accelerators.


    • Weekly, customized 1:1 training and coaching for 1.5 hours over 10-12 weeks
    • Apple Tree Business Building 101 Essentials online course introducing the foundations of authentic business building – 3 P’s of value proposition, 3 levels of an offer, and Sticky Solutions
    • Additional on-demand video tutorials and demonstrations to supplement your 1:1 sessions
    • PDF downloads including all checklists, scripts, and worksheets
    • Email and WhatsApp support and accountability
    • Optional: Live Coaching Cohort for accredited mentoring and guidance from Colleen-Joy MCC, founder of InnerLifeSkills. (6 x 2-hour Zoom classes held bi-monthly on Fridays, 7 am New York)

    $1665 (payment plan is available)

    What will happen

    You will complete a google form that gives me information about where you at and what you want.

    If I think we are a fit, I will contact you to set up a time to meet and chat about the next steps including booking your dates. 

    Once I receive your payment, you will get a link to the Business Gap Analysis online test, the results of which will help guide our sessions together.

    If we are not a fit, I will email you with suggested resources that might better assist you at this time.

    What students have to say about this course

    “The methodology really appealed to me. Empowering, practical and insightful. A joyful journey – thank you.”


    “Personally, I have found the approach is very effective and has an underlying spiritual meaning; at the same time being practical.”


    “I loved the practical, interactive way of learning. The support along the way was unqualified!”


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who is this Scale-Up course for?
    • Service Business — Healing arts practitioners, coaches, therapists, consultants, trainers, and anyone else scaling a service-based practice are welcome
    • Established service-based solopreneurs who want to create a winning signature product or break into a new market
    • Offline, local service business seeking to create an online presence (using Zoom and other online platforms)
    • Online Global—This program is ideal for services that can be delivered online (via Zoom, Teachable, or other online platforms).
    • If you have a mix of offline and online e.g. retreats and online memberships, this program will help both to grow globally.
    • Roll-up Sleeves Visionaries who want to make a real difference in the world, and are
    • prepared to work to earn the privilege of changing lives.
    • Folks who care about contribution, who want to be smart about creating abundance, but remain true to their integrity.
    What can you do with the Start-Up skills?
    • Develop and test any viable business idea, product, or solution going forward.
    • Find ideal target markets.
    • Create a product prototype.
    What accreditation does certification include?

    This course does not have an assessment.  Attendance of the optional Live Coaching Cohort for accredited mentoring and guidance from Colleen-Joy MCC will receive a certificate showing 15 hours ACSTH + CCE.

    Why the InnerLifeSkills Master Coach School

    I am a licensed trainer of the material in this program which is based on the 7 Step Dreamer coaching program, created by InnerLifeSkills and tried and tested over 20 years, helping many coaches build a thriving coaching practice without even a website.

    Their approach goes deeper than surface-level, to-do list coaching encouraging a heart-centered, conscious approach to changing lives through coaching.  The ILS team is led by Colleen-Joy MCC and we have trained 30,000+ students in over 27 countries for over 20 years.

    I’ve already tried so many different things to start my business, what if this isn’t for me?

    There is an application process ahead of an intake call that will help me do my damndest to ensure this program is customized to ensure fit for you.  If you feel that you aren’t going to get what you need after our first call, I will refund you what you paid, less the processing cost.

    I am already working as a coach

    Perfect, the skills you learn here will help you launch a new product or access a new market. If you take up the optional Coaching cohort you’ll earn 15 CCE hours (5 hours ICF Core Competencies and 10 hours ICF Resource Development) which you can use for renewing an ICF credential or applying for your ICF ACC, PCC, or MCC credential.

    Scale Up is not for you if you
    • Are you an overnight success hunter who wants a fast, cut-corners path?
    • Put money-making above purpose and creating a fair exchange.
    • Are a brick-and-mortar product businesses as we don’t deal with the logistics of physical
    • product creation, warehousing, bookkeeping, shipping, insurance, tax, etc.
    • Are a copycat — while It’s helpful to model and learn from others’ successes (we even teach this), we don’t copy others’ intellectual property, style, work, designs, voice, or offers.