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Sacred Write

If you’re going to be here, be here.

And you can’t not be here.  There is only here.  Now.  And the facts that got you here are not the truth.  They can’t be because the truth is only now.  Anything else is a memory or a projection.

So what are you gonna do? Cling to the story that you declare as fact? Even though it tangles, knots, contains, restricts and limits? Or open to the potential that is here now?  The expansive possibilities that are all held here now.

You don’t have to know what fruit you are going to bear or what green your leaves will be or if they’ll fall in autumn.  Right here, right now, the truth is that you just get to be.  Be with what is.  Be with who is. See the moment as an invitation ass self-care as nurture.  As water for you as a tree.  If your clothes need cleaning, do that.  If your body needs food, do that.  If your heart needs attention, do that.  Do that with awareness of the possibilities that are inherent in the moment. And you will naturally live in awe.

Do that with a goal, an outcome, and a plan and you will tangle your thoughts, knot your mind and move into a contained and safe, yet restricted and small life.