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Perfection and Self-Acceptance

Bundled up, knotted, tangled, contained – speaks to limits.

Nurtured, cared for, free, expansive, unique. – opens up possibilities. 

I notice there isn’t one way to come out of perfectionism.  And there might be a more gently way – untangle the mind in a safe and contained space and then gently allow the container to expand (it will on its own as the mind gets free) and there might be a faster way (not meaning not gentle) which is removing the container (in this case safety which results in pain) and unravelling the mind in the ensuing chaos.  This is only possible if the pain is taken as an invitation.  Then there is support available.  If the safety of the container is removed and the pain that results is seen as the end product, then the tangles mind will remain tangles, possibly getting more restricted and contained in order to hold onto the container that has been lost thereby creating a knot floating in a vat open space.  Perhaps it creates a new container around itself over time only to have another painful experience inviting it to break free of any container and in order to flourish in its uniqueness.