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Naming our Pain

“Naming our pain goes hand in hand with naming ourselves.  It’s not a printing error but a fundamental thread in your story.”

I am noticing my immediate response is to dismiss this.  And at the same time to go into it.  What if there is some truth or validity to this? Where or what could it be?

Pain is real.  I felt that pain when He “left me”. The days he was in town, but not with me.  I can’t call it back now which I am taking to mean it’s healed and I’ve moved on.  Perhaps “processed” is the word that people use now.  I baulk at the word.  What is better?  I listened to the pain that speaks more to me rather than processed which implies making one thing out of another thing which with connects with my belief that we want to fix, change, and get rid of pain rather than hear it.  “I see you.  You belong.” Acknowledge.  Accept.  Allow.  Act.

So pain is real.  It belongs.  It has a purpose.  So naming it is like saying I see you.  And being a thread means it is stitched in. Part of your make-up.  Embroidered in.  That it’s a part of your identity.  And pain should not define you and become that part.  It is a messenger.  Yup, I think we have confused the purpose of pain.  I see it as a messenger.  A way of getting us to pay attention and not a definition which leads to an identity. Part of our story.  Our learning is the thread of the story.