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Online, One-to-One
LIFE COACH Certification

Live your Purpose and Make a Profit

Turn your natural skills into life-changing coaching skills and offer professional life coaching to individuals or groups.

All Coach Certification Programs are accredited with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) ACTP, ACSTH, CCE.

Learn to be a Successful, Professional Life Coach or add Coaching Skills to your existing services!

The InnerLifeSkills® Life Coach Training will give you the confidence, credibitlity, competencies, and certification to coach anyone, anywhere in the world!

With an expert instructor, budget friendly, customized, online, one-to-one training at a convenient time, you get everything you need to: 

⇒  Specialize your existing offer

⇒  Boost your current corporate career

⇒  Build your own life coach business

With 6 unique InnerLifeSkills® toolboxes, you can be more than just a to-do-list life coach. 

Choose any coaching specialty, and create your unique coaching brand! OR

Add coaching expertise to your existing consulting, health, or therapy services.

The unique InnerLifeSkills® coaching processes are used by professional life coaches, business coaches, managers, consultants, CEOs, athletes, financial planners, entrepreneurs, school teachers, fitness professionals, youth coaches, executives, psychologists, educators, parents, and people who are passionate about people development.

The Life Coach Certification Course

Everything you need to confidently coach anyone, anywhere at any time.

How it Works

  • 18 hours live, 1:1  instruction, at a time that suits you.
  • 12 hours online material including tutorial videos and coaching demonstrations.
  • PDF client worksheets, quick reference manuals and ready to coach scripts.
  • 30 hours  ICF Core Competencies certificate
  • 8 ILS coaching processes


    • Class 1: Intuition CoachCoach clients and teams to tune in to their deeper intuitive wisdom.
    • Class 2:  Personal Power Coach –  Empower clients to reclaim their inner strength and wholeness.
    • Class 3: Relationship CoachGuide powerful Relationship coaching for couples and teams.
    • Class 4:  Systemic CoachGuide clients to belong and hand back family burdens.
    • Class 5: Purpose CoachCoach the finding and living of a natural inspired purpose.
    • Class 6: Dream Builder Coach – Facilitate a 7 Step Dream Builder coached journey.

    18 Hours live 1:1 tuition – 6 x 3 hours or 12 x 1.5 hours.


    ? unique to ILS processes 

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    After your classes, receive your ICF Accredited Life Coach Certificate to open doors and feel confident in your skills.

    • Your certificate displays your 30 ICF Partial Level 2 and CCE (previously ACSTH) accredited training hours to use for an ACC, PCC, or MCC sought-after credential.
    • This includes 30 hours ICF Core Competencies.

    These ICF-certified coach training programs produce top Life Coaches, Business Coaches,  Executive Coaches, and Enneagram Coaches.  Business Managers, professional consultants, Health Professionals also add these coaching skills to their existing services.

    Let’s Chat

    I am committed to coaching, training, and mentoring you to be the best coach you can be so that you may best serve the people you most wish to serve.

    To this end, all the training I offer is one-to-one, booked at a time and for a time that suits you.  Everything is fully customized, to include training, coaching, and mentoring, to meet your needs.

    Let’s meet for a no-pressure, virtual coffee and chat to see if this training is right for you.  If not, no hard feelings and I may be able to help find something that is.

    What students have to say

    “The methodology really appealed to me. Empowering, practical and insightful. A joyful journey – thank you.”


    “Personally, I have found the approach is very effective and has an underlying spiritual meaning; at the same time being practical.”


    “I loved the practical, interactive way of learning. The support along the way was unqualified!”


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who is this certification for?

    The foundational coaching skills in these courses are suitable for all coaches, consultants, therapists, mental health professionals and healing arts practitioners, including naturopaths, psychologists, spiritual guides, massage therapists, energy healers, intuitive guides, acupuncturists, and chiropractors.  And for many different fields of work such as managers-as-coaches, and financial planners.  It is also suitable if:

    • you are interested in going pro with internationally accredited MCC Level certification but want to start small with a low-risk, short foundation course.
    • You want to add sought-after ICF benchmarked coaching competencies to your existing work: managers, leaders, consultants, trainers, practitioners, therapists, and psychologists. Coach 101 is adapted for our popular Manager as Coach course, which has resulted in 2 ICF Global Prism award nominations (top 5 and top 10).
    • You are a working coach who has never learned the basic ICF competencies and wants to fill your gaps.
    What is my commitment in time, effort and money?

    How much time does life coach certification take?

    • Live classes will take 1.5 – 3 hours weekly. These can take place over 6 weeks if you opt for intensive training, and up to 12 weeks if you choose to spread it over months. 
    • Practical application is 1-4 hours weekly. Count on at least 1 hour a week to practice your new skills and processes and 1-2 hours for supplementary materials. 
    • Online course material will take  1-2 hours weekly.  1-2 hours for supplementary materials and ongoing assessment.

    What is the financial investment for Life Coach certification?

    • This short course is a stand alone program costs €1,990.
    • Bundled with ILS Global Skills (60 ICF hours, for ACC accreditation) €3,900.
    • ILS Master Coach bundle of Life, Business, Executive, Enneagram Coach and Global Skills (150 ICF hours, PCC Accreditation) €7,600.

    What else is required?

    Passion and Purpose: Your passion for building a purposeful career that makes a difference is vital. Motivation helps with commitment – so choose a course that inspires you.


    What is life coach certification and do you really need it to be a coach?

    The simplest definition for life coaching certification is that it’s a qualification that first teaches and then verifies that you have the current global best practice skills and knowledge to work as a professional life coach. 

    Because the coaching industry has exploded into a $3 billion global industry and is still growing, many free and cheap certification mills have popped up, making it more confusing and more important to be discerning when choosing a program.

    According to the ICF International Coaching Federation 2020 Global Coaching Study, the number of professionally certified coaches increased by 33% from 2015 to 2019. The industry is maturing, so your potential clients are getting savvier. Clients are hiring coaches with trusted qualifications and are willing to pay more for them (especially companies).  And it is a major differentiator with the rise of AI Coaching.  

    You can coach without certification.  Life experience and your natural ability to guide others are important—it makes you a natural coach and will give you a great foundation, but natural skills do not make a Master Coach. A talent for cooking at home is different from running a top-rated restaurant; the life coaching profession is no different.

    The coaching industry is unregulated, so most countries don’t restrict anyone from using the job title “Life Coach.” After all, the title “coach” is even used in sports.  Coaching falls outside the realm of mental health professions and is closer to consulting, giving us much more freedom than psychologists. But it also means that anyone can call themselves a life coach without training.

    This infographic from InnerLifeSkills Master Coach School, shows some things to consider weighing the pros and cons of no certification vs free or cheap certification vs ICF accredited certification.

    free vs no vs accredited life coach certification

    Why InnerLifeSkills® Master Coach School?

    I am an instructor of the material in these courses which is ICF-accredited through InnerLifeSkills®, a Master Coach School.  The approach goes deeper than surface-level, to-do list coaching encouraging a heart-centered, conscious approach to changing lives through coaching.  The ILS team is led by Colleen-Joy MCC and we have trained 30,000+ students in over 27 countries for over 20 years.

    I’ve already spent so much money, what if this isn’t for me?

    There is an application process ahead of an intake call that will help me do my damndest to ensure this is a fit for where you are and what you need right now in your business.  If after our first session together you feel that you aren’t going to get what you need, I will refund you what you paid, less the processing cost.

    I don’t want to be a coach

    The foundational skills of listening and asking valuable questions that are taught are suitable in almost any field of work (manager as coach, financial planner, sports coaching to name a few) and will benefit your relationships too.

    I am already working as a coach

    That’s okay, maybe you haven’t learned the basic ICF competencies and want to fill in your gaps.
    Or if you have ICF certification, you could benefit from the recap or earning CCE hours
    Or maybe you want to add additional, specialized skills to what you offer.

    I am here to help! Let’s have a chat to discuss how this training can add more purpose and profit to your work.