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The Art & Science of

The Enneagram

Uncover your Essence | Dismantle Patterns | Actualize Your Powers

The Enneagram helps us understand and transform our personality.

It sheds light on our behavior patterns and blind spots. It can liberate us from self-defeating habits, pointing the way to a more joyful life.

The Enneagram provides a roadmap for our personal growth. It’s a profound system that helps us reframe inner obstacles as inner strengths, allowing us to become our full, authentic selves.

Just as a pearl forms around an irritant, our personalities form around core “pain points.” The 3 Pearls describe these core irritants.

The 9 Polarities reflect different responses – being pulled toward certain qualities while pushing others away. Each Type copes with and expresses these qualities differently.

Once we understand the Triads, Types, and where we fit in, we gain deep self-insight.

Knowing our core nature allows us to transform former obstacles into real strengths.

Whether parents, partners, leaders, teachers, or even athletes, the Enneagram can help us become more of who we are born to be.

Along the way, we might improve relationships, earn more, get that promotion, or build a thriving business. Gaining self-awareness opens up possibilities for us.

the enneagram with depth & clarity

1. Discover Your Type

Prepare for an illuminating experience that opens the door to profound self-awareness and growth.

Deciding If This Is Right For You

The interactive, online, assessment takes 45-70 minutes as you respond to questions tailored to each of the 9 Types.  At the end, you’ll receive a personalized report ranking how strongly the different Type patterns resonate with you.

With this profound insight into your top 2-3 most likely Enneagram Types, you’ll be equipped to dive deeper through further reading, coaching, or workshops.

What You'll Learn
The InnerLifeSkills Enneagram Assessment is a comprehensive journey of self-discovery. Through a series of insightful videos, you’ll explore the 3 Pearls and 9 Polarities, each with its unique drivers and perspectives.  Discover the 9 Types and how they show up in the world.

€ 60

Payment can be made on Paypal.  You will receive login access to the online assessment via email within 24 hours.  

On completion of the assessment you will receive a one-page report ranking your scores for each type.  

The personality can be a prison until it is seen.

unlock your inner strength

2. Transforming Core Wounds

Prepare to emerge from this process with invaluable self-awareness, self-acceptance, and the tools to harness your core motivations as a profound force for growth.

Deciding If This Is Right For You

Begin your journey of profound self-discovery with the Enneagram Assessment. This in-depth exploration illuminates your core personality type and its driving motivations.

Then, in a 90-minute Follow-Up Coaching Session, we’ll dive deeper, clarifying your insights and answering any questions.

What You'll Learn
Using the powerful “Kite Process,” you’ll be guided to uncover the original wound at the core of your type’s patterns. In this revelatory experience, you’ll learn to reframe that wound, transforming it into a source of unshakable inner strength.
€ 190

enneagram growth path

3. Coaching Journey

This is your chance to break free from self-limiting habits and finally unleash your full, authentic potential. You’ll walk away with invaluable self-awareness and the tools to keep growing into your best self.

Deciding If This Is Right For You

Whether for personal development, relationship issues, or taking your career to new heights, you’ll learn how to work with your personality patterns as an amazing asset instead of letting them hold you back.

What You'll Learn

Start by taking the Enneagram Assessment to get a clear picture of your core personality type – the traits and motivations that really make you tick.

From there, we’ll go on a 4-session coaching journey utilizing the Kite Process to dig into your natural strengths. These powerful 1-on-1 sessions will help you reframe old limitations as exciting growth opportunities.

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