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One-to-One Certification in 6 Weeks

Enneagram Coach

Internationally ICF Accredited Enneagram Coaching Certification




Empowering you to Empower others.

The InnerLifeSkills® Enneagram Coach Training will give you the Confidence, Credibility, Competencies, and Certification to coach the Enneagram without unreliable tests!

With an expert instructor, budget-friendly, customized, online, one-to-one training at a convenient time, you get everything you need to educate and coach the Enneagram in depth.

With the unique InnerLifeSkills® 8-Step method, you can offer Professional Enneagram Coaching, that clients love—without relying on unreliable tests.

An easy-to-use narrative typing method without unreliable tests.
⇒  The 3 Personality Pearls to discover the why behind each type.
⇒  The 9 Polarities to simplify and avoid mis-typing mistakes.
⇒  The unique ILS Kite method to empower your clients to rise to their full potential.
⇒  Understand the Enneagram subtypes in just 10 minutes.
⇒  Tips and guidance to market yourself as an Enneagram Coach.


Turn your natural skills into life-changing coaching skills and offer professional Enneagram coaching to individuals or teams.


1. Enneagram Coach

Whether you fell in love with the Enneagram ages ago or have just recently glimpsed its brilliance and are hungry for more, I want to help you do 3 important things:

1. SIMPLIFY AND DECLUTTER your Enneagram knowledge, so that you can harvest real wisdom from this complex and sophisticated system of knowledge.

2. TYPE WITHOUT TESTS and not rely on written or online typing tests (which are only 50-65% accurate).  Imagine helping your client find their own type; accurately, wisely, and intuitively.

3. EARN BY EMPOWERING + ENLIGHTENING as a respected, professional ILS Enneagram Coach with blueprints and templates to use to empower and enlighten others.

So, if you don’t want to be forced to depend on unreliable Enneagram tests to type people, and want to get right to the heart of mastering this powerful, life-changing and game-changing knowledge – and earn success by enlightening and empowering others – then this is for you.

Deciding If This Is Right For You

Who this Enneagram Coach Certification is for?

  • Life Coaches who want to add Enneagram Typing to their services.
  • Professionals who want to add sought-after Enneagram coaching to their existing work: managers, leaders, consultants, trainers, practitioners, therapists, and psychologists.
  • Leaders in organizations from business to spiritual, NGOs to environmental agencies who see the value of bringing the knowledge of the Enneagram to strengthen their teams.

Develop your Enneagram coaching skills to offer professional typing sessions and additional growth path journeys.

What You'll Learn
  • The ILS 8-Step typing method
  • Introducing the Enneagram – Learn easy ways to introduce the Enneagram to individuals and groups.
  • The 3 Personality Pearls – Educate & coach to uncover the key reasons for behaviour.
  • The 9 Polarity Pairs – Educate & coach to find clues and create understanding.
  • The 9 Types – help your clients to put it all together.
  • ILS Kite Process – Guide each type to its highest expression.
  • Subtypes, Wings and Growth Paths – Clarify with advanced dvanced insights to distinguish 1 type from another.
  • 8 coaching processes.
  • Included:  18+ ready-to-coach PDF Worksheets & 6 Quick Reference Guides & Guided Virtual Coach Video tutorials.
  • Bonus: Enneagram 101 self study.

    Self-Study Only € 590

    • 12 hours of self-study material including tutorial videos and coaching demonstrations.
    ICF Certification
    • ICF Partial Level 2, 12 CCE hours


    Self- Study + Live Zoom Sessions € 1,485

    • 12 hours of self-study material including tutorial videos and coaching demonstrations.

    • 18 hours live, 1:1  instruction,  – 6 x 3 hours or 12 x 1.5 hours.  Fully customized, to include training, coaching, and mentoring, to meet your needs.


    Due to the nature of the online material, there are no refunds offered.  Please book a call so we can make sure which is the right training for you.


    2. Enneagram 101

    The Enneagram is one of the fastest-growing coached topics in the world, helping parents, leaders, coaches, teachers, athletes, managers, psychologists, financial planners,and anyone interested in freeing their full potential.

    There can be resistance to the Enneagram because we don’t want to be put in a box. But when we study the Enneagram, we step out of the box to look at it. You get to look at your personality and discover that you are more than it. It’s difficult to do that when you are stuck inside the box.

    The Enneagram is not an excuse for behaviour. It offers a map for growth and a ladder for health.

    Discover the Enneagram as a powerful blueprint for personal growth and claiming your wholeness with the InnerLifeSkills Virtual Coach Typing experience.  Leave with decluttered ‘aha! I get it!’ understanding of all 9 types.

    Deciding If This Is Right For You

    By completing the Enneagram Virtual Experience, you will:

    • Better understand yourself and your relationships with insight and transformational power.
    • Transform your biggest inner obstacles – fear, low self-worth, procrastination, anger, control, self-sabotaging, inertia, perfectionism, etc.
    • Master your life and rise to success by identifying and using your unique strengths.
    • Identify your blind spots and remove the hidden barriers to emotional freedom and joyful living.
    • Understand your relationships – at work, at home,and in your family ; heal relationship problems and build compassonate, harmonious relationships.

    This training is also suitable for coaches, therapists and practitioners to better understand the motivation behind behaviours so that you can better serve your clients.

    • On completing Enneagram 101 Virtual Coach you will receive a certificate that displays 6 ICF Partial Level 2 and CCE (previously ACSTH) accredited training hours to use for an ACC, PCC, or MCC sought-after credential.

    There course is online and does not include 1:1 coaching or mentoring.  Please schedule a call if you would like to include coaching or mentoring.

    What You'll Learn
    • What the Enneagram is and how it can be utilized for personal growth
    • The fundamental polarities of the 9 Enneagram types
    • The paths of growth and stress for each type
    • The 3 “core irritants” that drive motivation
    • Insight into your own Enneagram personality type
    • Tools to recognize and reconcile blind spots
    • How to identify inner obstacles and transform them into building blocks for growth
    • 3 inspiring ways to use the Enneagram to reach your full potential
    • How to start tapping into your intuition and inner compass

    Self-Study Only € 295

    • 6 hours of self-study material including tutorial videos and coaching demonstrations.
    ICF Certification
    • ICF Partial Level 2, 6 CCE hours


    Self- Study + Live Zoom Sessions € 695

    • 6 hours of self-study material including tutorial videos and coaching demonstrations.
    • 4 hours live, 1:1  coaching and mentoring support as you apply the Enneagram wisdom to your life as a parent, in your relationships and at work.
    ICF Certification
    • ICF Partial Level 2, 10 CCE hours

    Due to the nature of the online material, there are no refunds offered.  Please book a call so we can make sure which is the right training for you.

    “The methodology really appealed to me. Empowering, practical and insightful. A joyful journey – thank you.”


    “Personally, I have found the approach is very effective and has an underlying spiritual meaning; at the same time being practical.”


    “I loved the practical, interactive way of learning. The support along the way was unqualified!”


    Meet your trainer

    Hello, I’m Staci

    I discovered that I am an Enneagram Type 5 over 20 years ago.  To say it changed my life as a mother and a wife would be a gross understatement!  Suddenly I had an understanding why I was more of a “practical mom” than a “nurturing mom”.  And I understood that every time I asked my husband a question, so I could better understand, he was triggered as it “disturbed the peace”.

    I am a member of the InnerLifeSkills® faculty and have been training Enneagram Coach to coaches, consultants, spiritual leaders and Enneagram enthusiasts since 2017.

    The ILS® Enneagram Coach is by far the most effective narrative style coaching method that I have found, for clear and uncluttered typing with a unique method of helping each type along their growth path.  And, InnerLifeSkills® has been internationally accredited with the ICF since 2012 and has trained over 35,000 students internationally.

    Let’s Chat

    I am committed to coaching, training, and mentoring you to be the best coach you can be so that you may best serve the people you most wish to serve.

    Let’s meet for a no-pressure, virtual coffee and chat to see if this training is right for you.  If not, no hard feelings and I may be able to help find something that is.