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Being Human is Hard
Being Human is Hard

I remember when my daughter was a toddler.  She adapted well to taking her milk from a bottle.  Sucking seemed instinctual.  But when it came to sucking a straw, that was a whole new learning curve for her.  She just got on with it, playing with the straw in her mouth...

Sacred Write
Sacred Write

If you’re going to be here, be here. And you can’t not be here.  There is only here.  Now.  And the facts that got you here are not the truth.  They can’t be because the truth is only now.  Anything else is a memory or a projection. So what are you gonna do? Cling to...

Perfection and Self-Acceptance
Perfection and Self-Acceptance

Bundled up, knotted, tangled, contained - speaks to limits. Nurtured, cared for, free, expansive, unique. - opens up possibilities.  I notice there isn’t one way to come out of perfectionism.  And there might be a more gently way - untangle the mind in a safe and...

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I’m Staci

A wife & mother. Scorpio, Ennea T5, Dog.  I travel to explore.  I run, swim, SUP and scuba dive.  I am a soloprener, founder & director.  I live on a Greek Island.  I work as a coach, mentor and trainer. 

These are my musings on living an awakened life.


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