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A GOOD healer, coach, or therapist

treats the problem.


A GREAT healer, coach, or therapist

treats the person with the problem.

Which one are you?

Hi, my name is Staci

Bravely following my heart

Constantly learning

Eagerly sharing my experience

Awkwardly navigating my way

Mostly loving life in my 50’s

And I teach coaching skills to healing arts practitioners, coaches, consultants, and therapists so that they can make a lasting impact on their clients and grow a thriving practice.

As an ultra-distance runner, I have seen my fair share of physical therapists.

As a mom to two (now adult) children, I have seen way too many practitioners including a numerologist and a prosthetist!

As a wife (married to the same man for almost 30 years), I have seen a few marriage therapists, a relationship coach, an astrologer, and a family constellation practitioner.

And as an entrepreneur, I have worked with business coaches and high-performance coaches. 

This is all to say: I have been one of those clients that got great advice that I rarely followed (and occasionally left before I got the full benefit).

And I can tell you why your clients don’t listen to your great advice, and why they won’t do the life-changing, goal-achieving things you tell them to do – because I have been on both sides.


  • Your clients don’t come back after the initial consultation or follow through on the program you’ve created for them leaving you wondering what you’re not doing right.
  • You are no stranger to feeling the frustration of telling your clients what they need to do to get better and then watching them not do it.
  • You’ve experienced the disappointment of working with a client who just isn’t getting the breakthroughs and making the changes that you know are possible…

Then they certainly aren’t referring you to their friends and family…

And I can tell you where the communication breakdown is (and it’s not your fault).

The problem is not with how you explain or guide your clients – it’s in how you listen to them.

I struggled with most of the practitioners I mentioned because I wasn’t being heard

I was spoken to as if I didn’t know the mechanics of the body because the therapist didn’t acknowledge that I was also a bodyworker. 

I was told to do this and that, without taking into consideration that I was a working mom without the time or financial resources to see a therapist weekly. 

And when I signed up for 16 weeks of very expensive high-performance coaching, the coach and I came up with great plans to get my stuff done, without actually addressing the real limits that were stopping me from taking any action in the first place.

Listening so your clients will speak, and speaking in a way that invites your clients to listen is the key to fostering real change.

I get it … most educational models for mind/body practitioners, therapists, coaches, and others teach tools, a modality, a framework — a possible solution to a problem. 

They don’t teach the most effective ways to listen so our clients feel heard and understood — to work with the person that has the problem, so we (the practitioners) can make necessary modifications that will allow our guidance to really work for our clients.

It’s an understandable blind spot: Because the modality worked for us, we are convinced that everyone will benefit. In the same way. With the same methods.

But we all need different things at different times and what works for one isn’t going to work for the other. At least not all the time.

This is where learning a better way to listen becomes vitally important.

As an ICF-certified life coach (with almost 20 years experience) and a bodyworker (for 8 years and counting), I believe we make the biggest impact when we meet our clients where they are, know who they are, where they are in their life, and what they want out of working with us.

It’s not what we do, but how we do it, and even who we are while we are doing our work that creates the connection that leads to change. This is beyond the modality we work in – these are coaching skills. And these skills, in turn, are what lead to referrals, a thriving practice, and your position as the go-to coach, therapist, or practitioner in your field.

Book a free discovery call with me to discover how adding coaching skills to your current offering could help you grow your practice.

“I have learned tools and processes that equip me daily with living my life more consciously and fully realizing how wonderful I am.”


“I highly recommend Staci as a coach and feel the last few months have been really life-changing, in an entirely positive way.”


“The best experience of my life. I was able to see what I wanted and how to get there. I also realized that it’s possible to live my dream.”


And just because you might want to know more about who I am

and not just what I do…

I’ve endured corporate work with a few years working as a sales administrator and learned that my heart is filled by working with people.

I have been a courageous and controversial un-schooling mom when homeschooling wasn’t legal. I’ve learned that learning happens easily when we follow our interests.

I’ve struggled through entrepreneurship and ultimately thrived as a running coach, a life coach, a physical therapist, and a kahuna massage therapist.  I’ve learned that the body has a wisdom that is worth paying attention to! 

I determinedly took up running (in sandals) in my forties and am committed to being active outdoors and have completed local ultra marathons and adventure races, and a few international marathons. I’ve also quit a few marathons and learned that quitting is different from giving up.

I love learning and have studied South African Sign Language, Breathwork, Kinesiology, Activations, and many others all just because. I am currently struggling my way through the Greek fluency test  – my favorite greek work is philoxenia which translates as the uncountable love of strangers, clearly demonstrated in the Greek eagerness to show hospitality.  I’ve learned to make connections and share what I’ve discovered.

And I love the busyness of the beach and the silence of the African bush. I love creamy ice cream, local red wine, tea served from a teapot and Seattle single tall latte. I travel by plane, train, boat, and bicycle. I light candles in the Greek Church and I knit socks. And I absolutely jump in the puddles!

I bring all my experience, skills and interests together to offer a unique take on how to make an impact and be a leader in your field.