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Make a Profit

Life Coach Training and Authentic Business Building

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Hi! My name is Staci

I’ve been coaching women to live life with purpose and meaning for almost 20 years.

And now I am training natural coaches, healers and helpers to empower others with certified coaching skills, programs and tools.

As an instructor of the InnerLifeSkills® Master Coach programs, I’d love to support you in becoming a life-changing certified life and business coach so that you can make a difference while making a living.

Support your clients to go deeper than just “to-do” list coaching.
Coach them to address what’s really going on.

Ways we could work together


Be guided by your inner wisdom to start or scale an ethical and authentic coaching business, naturally and organically with the tried and tested InnerLifeSkills® 7-Step Business Builder method. 


Get certified as a life or business coach or add to your toolbox with ILS Enneagram, Intuition, Relationship, Systemic, Personal Power, Purpose, and Dream Builder short courses. 


Monthly coaching and training in a cohort of other like-minded conscious coaches to do the inner work so that you can bring all of who you are to the work that you do.

Got questions?

Schedule a no-obligation call,

Complete the Skills Mastery Checklist,

Let’s see how I might best help you build your practice.

“I have learned tools and processes that equip me daily with living my life more consciously and fully realizing how wonderful I am.”


“I highly recommend Staci as a coach and feel the last few months have been really life-changing, in an entirely positive way.”


“The best experience of my life. I was able to see what I wanted and how to get there. I also realized that it’s possible to live my dream.”


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The 7 Deadly Sins of
Business Building for Healing Arts Practitioners

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Get your free guide to discover the common mistakes and misinformation when building a healing arts practice and what to do instead to expand your reach with integrity and heart.

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You’re Invited

Craft ‘n Coach Hour

Bring a craft (I’ll probably be crocheting) and your business questions and let’s come up with at least one idea to take action on today.

Join me every other Thursday at 8 pm CET

Authentic & Abundant Business

Every month, I share unique business-building and client-connecting stories and ideas that you can implement on your way to becoming the go-to therapist in your field.  Occasionally, I will let you know if I am working on something that might be of interest to you.